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» How to use a game camera hunters trail camera

How to use a game camera hunters trail camera

Here are five steps, as follows:

1. Use, allowing it to be hung on the tree (for example) bands. Including locking straps to reduce camera is lost, stolen prohibitive.
This is a rugged, waterproof camera designed for prolonged outdoor use.
Photographed each “time stamp” (date and time it was recorded).

2. Use the camera image of the animal game. It sold hunters such as record and view deer, moose or a bear, and so on that have been settled, pasture or animal / game trail.
3. By detecting the movement of about 45 feet to use these features, day and / or night.

4. Use the information as a local deer hunter best blind or tree stand, for example:
In limited viewing access areas,
Small space (such as jungle), when a person can not stay.
5. captured images from multiple cameras at selected angle, automatically.
Take the same time / photo site, as desired.

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Good quality hunting camera picture to show you:

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