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  • How to use a game camera hunters trail camera

    Post Time: 07-17-15; By: http://www.imesmart.com

    How to use a game camera hunters trail camera Here are five steps, as follows: 1. Use, allowing it to be hung on the tree (for example) bands. Including locking straps to reduce camera is lost, stolen prohibitive. This is a rugged, waterproof camera designed for prolonged outdoor use. Photographed each “time stamp” (date and…

  • Hot sell hunting camera

    Post Time: 07-13-15; By: http://www.imesmart.com

    Hot sell hunting camera A game camera is a tough, motion activated camera design, photography and wildlife videos. They are hunters especially useful because they can help identify a property for wildlife movement patterns. Most game camera can shoot video clips and photos. Game cameras are often called “trail cam.” They rectangular plastic housing, and…

  • Game Hunting Cameras – What You Need to Know

    Post Time: 06-15-15; By: http://www.imesmart.com

    Game Hunting Cameras – What You Need to Know So, you’ve heard all about the new hunting camera, your friend bought his deer hunting stand. But he did not tell you how many photos he had missed, because it was too dark and the camera is not fast enough? Buy a new camera Deer hunting…

  • MMS Hunting Camera Features

    Post Time: 06-13-15; By: http://www.imesmart.com

    MMS Hunting Camera Features Programmable 5 or 12-Megapixel high-quality solutions. IR blue LED flash range as far as 65 feet. Ultra-low standby power consumption. Extremely long in-field life (in standby mode for up to 6 months, 8 AA-batteries). Our company specializes in the production of hunting camera, if interested in our products, please click: hunting…

  • hunting trail camera Introduction

    Post Time: 04-18-15; By: http://www.imesmart.com

    Long stand-by time Wireless security camera with remote controller. 2000mah Lithium battery 1080P MMS/Gprs hunting trail camera   IME solar powered mms hunting trail camera HC300M.   2015 popular hunting trail camera 3G security camera